The LWP Polish formation fought along the Allied side in the USSR, after the Anders Army had left the USSR. Get Your 10th Anniversary Act V Birthday Present! Shortly before the war it was given to the British and became known as the Vickers Tank Periscope MK.IV and was used in almost all tanks of WWII, including the British Crusader, Churchill, Valentine, and Cromwell and the American Sherman. The 7TP was fitted with the 360-degree tank periscope which was of Polish design and was first used in the Polish 7-TP light tank. The tank entered World of Tanks in August 2017, as a Tier VI medium. The designation 7TP meant "7 Tonne, Polish" (in fact its weight increased to 9 tonnes after the initial prototype). What did the damage was the constant onslaught of all parts of blitzkrieg, including large numbers of tanks, that never allowed the Polish Army to gather its breath and re-group. German tanks attacked the town, but Polish 155 mm howitzers destroyed several tanks and the Germans fell back, returning again later that day. The armour of the TK was up to 8 mm thick (10 mm on the TKS). At the same time two motorised cavalry brigades were formed with the intention that they would be equipped with the tank. Moderators None. Polish T-72's Participating in NATO Excercise Trident Juncture 2018. In 1924, 6 Renault TSF radio command tanks were bought in France. The powerhouse under the metaphorical hood is a Polish designed and made PZL-Wola diesel engine. 2018 is set to become a hallmark for two nations in World of Tanks. During the Invasion of Poland in 1939 the Hotchkiss Char léger modèle 1935 H tanks together with 3 Renault Char léger Modèle 1935 R tanks were incorporated into an ad hoc "half company" unit of lieutenant J.Jakubowicz formed on 14 September 1939 in Kiwerce, Poland. You’ll hardly find any straight comparison, so the tank has all the chances to become a bright addition to the game. No need to register, buy now! Gen. Paszkiewicz ( c.o. Topics Replies Author Views Last Posts 7TP tank for GF9 Tanks : 2: Tenente416: on Mon Jun 11, 2018 3:50 am by Tenente . As a result, the Polish authorities decided to buy a licence for manufacturing Carden-Loyd Mk.VI.However, instead of producing Carden-Loyd Mk.VI, the Polish authorities decided to work an own, improved model, only generally basing on Carden-Loyd's composition which came to be known as the light reconnaissance tank TK-3 (also known simply as the TK) and a total of 300 TK-3 tankettes were built. Try different tactics and win. After a series of tests it was found that the design was completely unreliable and the Poles decided to buy the French SOMUA S35 tanks instead, a proposal that was later refused by the French government. Preparations for a defensive war with Germany were ongoing for many years, but most plans assumed fighting would not begin before 1942. The first tanks that came into service of the Polish army right after WWI were the compact and extremely effective Renault FTs from France. Tier V starts the line of medium tanks with a transitional model that combines traits of both classes. Experiments showed that the Erawa dynamic defense decreased the high-explosive jet impact depth by 50 - 70% and penetrator (APFSDS) projectiles by 30 - 40%. Early Polish machines borrowed a lot from vehicles built by leading tank manufacturers of the 1930s and ’40s. The army, created as the main operational reserve of Polish commander in chief Marshall Edward Rydz-Śmigły was also the last to be mobilised in the summer of 1939. By 4 September 1939, when the German forces broke through the overstretched Polish defences, the Prusy army was far from battle-ready. It was the first tank in the world to be equipped with a diesel engine and 360° Gundlach periscope. This is where the first examples of sloped armor and coil-spring suspensions were tested. I look forward to taking some Polish tanks out into battle. Obviously, the 2A4 tanks already owned are being modernized up to the 2PL standard. The main battle tank's protection from high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) projectiles and missiles was increased by new Erawa dynamic armor developed by the Poland Military-Technical Institute which consists of 394 tiles with explosives, detonating in case of a direct hit. Six tanks were also attached to the 10th Motorized Cavalry Brigade. Yet it is known that many of the tanks used during the attack were equipped only with machine guns or small calibre guns rather than cannons as compared to later tank designs. Also used were the T-70 light tanks (In period between July 1943 to January 1945, Polish units in the east (Ludowe Wojsko Polskie) used 53 T-70s. Currently Polish Army operate around 900 main battle tanks, including indigenous PT-91 Twardy and German Leopard 2. The M54 Renegade is on the Loose Special Offers Discuss. The latest Twardy variants have the 1000 hp S-1000 engine with a turbocharger. Their advantages were: mobility, good obstacle crossing and small dimensions, making them difficult to spot. The other main point of conflict is the hill in the East, where many tanks go and fight around a couple of small rocks. Around this time a large number of the Polish FT-17s were sold fictitiously to Uruguay and China, and in fact went to Republican Spain. The campaign against Poland ended on 6 October 1939 with Germany and the Soviet Union dividing and annexing the whole of Poland. This tank was aimed to meet a possible Polish Army requirement. These tanks were inspired by British designs, like Vickers Mk.E and others. Instead, the priority was shifted to a different project named Twardy. Selecting another region may affect the website content. The real-life post-war heavy tanks operated by Polish armed forces were nothing but slightly modified Soviet machines. The distinguishing feature of the Polish tanks at lower tiers is they have slightly higher alpha damage potential than their peers. On 16 January 1939 the tank was tested, under supervision of its Chief Designer along a short distance trip to Łowicz and in the spring between 22 and 25 April, it went beyond Grodno, traveling along a total distance of 610 km. [13] The 7TP was significantly better armed than its most common opponents, the German Panzer I and II, but only 140 tanks were produced between 1935 and the outbreak of the war. Also, the main gun is Polish made – a 125mm cannon which significantly outperforms its counterpart on the T-72. After the German breakthrough at Borowa Gora, the Germans and their tanks and soldiers headed for the Polish town of Piotrków Trybunalski. In 1993 the Polish Defense Ministry ordered 20 PT-91 tanks to be used for field trials and Armed Forces tests. First, the country’s historic role. In August 2018, the vehicle was sent to the Military Armored and Automotive Institute in Sulejówek, where it underwent further national tests in Poland. Despite the fact that in 1936 the vehicle design was not completely finished, it was included in the programme of Armoured Forces that was a part of a general projection of growth and upgrade for the Polish Army for 1936-1942. The First Act News. The 11th Armoured Battalion formed the 121st Light Tank Company for the 10th Cavalry Brigade, while the 2nd Armoured Battalion formed the 12th Light Tank Company for the Warsaw Armoured-Motorized Brigade (WBP-M). The Polish Armed Forces looked at the Carden-Loyd Mk.VI tankette and it met with an interest in Poland as it did in many other countries. The 47mm wz.25 was a semi-automatic Polish infantry gun designed in 1925 and nicknamed ‘Bullet’ (Pocisk-Polish.). 15 Pz.IV Ausf H models were shipped in June 1943 followed by 15 more in August and September for a total of 56 tanks. Community Board; A place for the community to showcase their content, organize platoons, and recruit for clans. Come join the conversation! It was increasingly tied into the Soviet structures however this process was stopped in the aftermath of the Polish October in 1956. The Polish Army was recreated in the West, as well as in the East (after German invasion of the Soviet Union). At its peak it numbered approximately 16,000 soldiers. In May, the refurbished tank was demonstrated to generals and other top ranking military authorities. It has player and clan graphs and comparison. The Tanks of World War II – Episode 1: Polish TK-3 and TKS May 17, 2018 by tankandafvnews 1 Comment In case anyone is wondering what we have been up to the last couple week, we have been busy planning and creating a new video series we call The Tanks of World War II. One of the true surprises at MSPO in Kielce was the suggestion that the South Korean K2 tank might be a viable candidate to replace the Polish Army’s main battle tanks in the future – both the T-72 and LEOPARD 2 fleets. Polish tree should come out this year (H: WG won’t compromise on a date and it’s understandable) Polish tree should come out this year (H: WG won't compromise on a… Sergeant. Diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Poland were re-established when Nazi Germany reneged on its pact with its erstwhile ally, the Soviet Union, and attacked it on 22 June 1941 in Operation Barbarossa. In 1918 the newly organized Polish 1st Tank Regiment (1 Pułk Czołgów) had been equipped with 120 of the small but relatively fast Renault FT tanks. If you want this cold war icon, the price comes around £94,000. They also participated in the Polish-Soviet War, which by 1920 most of the French personnel had departed back to France. The most significant tank formation in the initial period was the 1st Warsaw Armoured Brigade equipped with T-34 tanks, that first fought in the battle of Studzianki. Photo about LEEUWARDEN, NETHERLANDS - JUNE 10, 2016: Polish Air Force Lockheed F-16C Viper information shield during the exercise Frisian Flag 2016. The final Act of our 10th Anniversary features a once-in-a-lifetime Birthday Present. Following the Normandy campaign the unit saw action in Belgium, the Netherlands and in April 1945 the 1st Armoured entered Germany in the area of Emsland. Due to the outbreak of the war, only a limited number of early prototypes and development versions took part in battles of the Invasion of Poland. Battle! - World of Tanks statistics. Due to this failure to purchase the master model and the possible license, at the end of 1930 the WIBI Tank Design Bureau began preliminary design work on their own wheeled/tracked tank, based on the Christie M1928 and Christie M1931 models, known under the working name "A la Christie". The sighting of the ballistic computer depends on the target's speed, weather conditions, projectile temperature and projectile type. Blog Login. The Poles however never received the machine and Christie fearing legal charges, refunded the purchase. This army, composed of Polish forces which had fought for the Entente on the Western front,[1] numbering 60,000 troops,[2] came with tanks supplied by the Western allies and partially staffed with experienced French officers. Before the tank could enter mass production, German invasion of Poland in September 1939 ended the independent existence of the Second Polish Republic. While most of Polish Army had been successfully mobilised prior to 1 September 1939, on that date many sub-units of Prusy Army were still being formed or transported. This is a subreddit where we share WoT news, strategy tips, tank choices, and opinions. Falathim, Polish World of Tanks Community Manager, conducted a Q&A session exclusively with our friends from last Friday. The successful conversion convinced the General Staff that similar modernization could also be applied to other Soviet-designed tanks made in Poland and used by the Polish Armed Forces. Dec 11, 2015 - AMAZING MILITARY TANKS - POLISH OBRUM PL-01 CONCEPT TANK TO ENTER PRODUCTION IN 2018! Tiers VI and VII are represented by purely experimental models heavily influenced by German and Soviet machines. [citation needed]. As late as the beginning of 1945, out of approximately 40 thousand officers, the LWP had almost half, or 18,996, Soviet officers, including 36 generals. On 20 September 1941 Major Szostak, Commander of the Polish Armoured Forces in the Soviet Union submitted a wide ranging training plan for the Polish Units by proposing to create a training centre of tank and transport troops to be attached to the Soviet Tank Training School in Saratov. While they’re not more powerful than other tanks, they still perform well in their intended roles. The Twardy used steel anti-HEAT screens instead of the rubber used on the T-72. Major Rudolf Gundlach headed the design team consisting of, among the others, engineers Jan Łapuszewski, Stefan Ołdakowski, Mieczysław Staszewski, Kazimierz Hejnowicz and a process engineer Jerzy Napiórkowski. V. now. NoobMeter is a World of Tanks game statistics site that calculates efficiency, performance, WN8 ratings and tracks player WoT stats. Just two nations, vehicles stuck to the ground, the first Maus and IS-7 tanks—these were the first steps of the game. We have a number of affiliated clans on the NA, EU, and ASIA servers for all levels of game experience. Choose a tank and join the battle! Vous avez déjà pu voir les chars italiens en bataille, que ce soit au cours du test public et bientôt sur les serveurs, il est donc maintenant temps de découvrir les nouveaux arrivants venus de l’Europe centrale. In 1942, the British received all the Matilda I Mark I (A11) tanks back from the Polish.) Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Military Tanks de la plus haute qualité. The Mark Felton channel on YouTube presents some interesting short videos about WWII. Trouvez les Military Tanks images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. ‎Incredibly dynamic and fun multiplayer game. Many of them were not armed at all, some were armed with 7.5mm Mle.31 MG, only few had 37mm SA-18 guns. [4], Building of the tank was completed in July 1938. The modernized tank's increased weight led the developers to add a more powerful engine, a 12-cylinder S-12U diesel engine, a modernized version of the Soviet V-46-6 produced in Warsaw by PZL-Wola (850 hp instead of 780). Trouvez les Tank Crewman images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. General Chat Is Returning to World of Tanks! The training started on 15 Feb. 1942. However, initially the work progressed at a very slow pace, mainly because the Polish General Staff was also considering the purchase of a newer version of T-72 (T-72S) or the modern T-80. It was relatively light, weighing only 240 kg, which was an advantage since it was designed for infantry support use. Started by Wilhelm_Schultz, May 06 2014: 10 reply 5,795 view _ToXiC_FatMan; May 11 2019 EBR 75 FL 10-Gold skin Started by streams12, Mar 07 2019 Tank Skins: … Back to top; DBENT1804 #2 Posted 05 November 2018 - 06:09 PM. Their agreement was never received. Chris D World of Tanks April 18, 2018 1 Minute. Training was progressing slowly due to the heat. T-70s were used mainly in 1st Polish Tank Regiment (Pierwszy Pułk Czolgów), the 3rd Training Tank Regiment (Trzeci Szkolny Pułk Czołgów) and at least one in 27th Regiment of Self-propelled Altillery (Dwudziesty siódmy Pułk Artylerii Samobieżnej). KV-2 (R): Defender of the Imperium Special Offers Discuss. log in sign up. On 6 August 1944 the Centre became known as the 7th Armoured Regiment. They are compact and highly dynamic heavies with original weapons, boasting a solid balance between alpha damage and firing rate. Statistiques. By this time, the Polish air force had been defeated and this had stripped the Polish Army of any form of air cover – it also meant that the Polish tanks and army were easy targets for the Luftwaffe which was free to operate in Poland after September 2.When the Russians invaded eastern Poland on September 17, the defeat of Poland was sealed. [10] The Polish Army had approximately a million soldiers, but less than half were mobilized by 1 September. Boost Your Tech Tree Progress With New Missions, Specials & Tanks Special Offers Discuss. Maczek's division had the crucial role of closing the pocket at the escape route of those German divisions, hence the fighting was absolutely desperate and the 2nd Polish Armoured Regiment, 24th Polish Lancers and 10th Dragoons supported by the 8th and 9th Infantry Battalions took the brunt of German attacks trying to break free from the pocket. Close . In the late 1980s the Polish Army modernized all of its obsolete T-55 tanks to the T-55AM Mérida standard. Factory in Ursus near Warsaw, where all Polish tanks were produced in the period of 1931-1939. Szostak. World of Tanks Q&A Polish Digest – 02.03.2018. The following 3D construction drawings give you a first view on our new Polish molds for 2018. Action Town. The tank was to be used as a base for a new Polish light tank. Poland acquired and developed tanks and tankettes for its armoured forces and after Poland had been overrun, a government-in-exile (headquartered in Britain), armed forces, along with an intelligence service were established outside of Poland. The trials were kept secret because the activities of the German Abwehr and the members of the "Fifth Column" were then getting more and more intensive in Poland.[5]. Also, in 1929-1930, some of newer Renault tank designs were bought. The, M4A3 (105) HVSS Sherman IVBY medium tank (The Sherman was the basic tank in Polish armoured units in the West 1943-1947. 15,587 topics; 140,985 replies; Action Heroes Season - Feed... By REAPER4536-p; Today, 09:00 PM; The Game Room. The army was strengthened by a mobile reserve formed by the 1st Light Tank Battalion (armed with modern 7TP tanks) stationed between Opoczno and Końskie, and the 81st Motorised Sappers Battalion. We decided to go one step further. Home News WarGaming news World of Tanks news. Let us know in the comments what tank you think belongs on this list of best Premium tanks in World of Tanks! A new graphics engine, new music, Frontline, Steel Hunter, Italian and Polish vehicles, double-barreled tanks, 3D styles, French wheeled tanks, map blacklist... Who knows what's on the horizon? Their traits are similar to other nations' vehicles: they're fast and dynamic, but with thin armor. It was in August 1943 that, after a visit to Germany, the Bulgarian King, Boris III died suddenly, and was rumored to have been poisoned. The LWP Polish forces soon grew beyond the 1st Division into two major commands - the Polish First Army (Berling's) and the Polish Second Army (commanded by Karol Świerczewski). The reconstituted unit returned to France in late July 1944 as a part of the 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade, 1st (Polish) Armoured Division. After the fall of Poland Polish units that made it to France used those two man tankettes in 1940) From this designed evolved the TK-3 tankette (based on TK-1 and TK-2 tankettes, about 300 built) and TKS tankette (based on TK-3 tankette, about 390 built) which were the only versions built in significant numbers. T-34-76 and T-34-85 versions weighing only polish tanks 2018 kg, which by 1920 of! Instead of the 2nd Corps itself took part in the West, as a tier and... Modernization programs were implemented by the Polish Second Corps and joined Jewish veteran settlements there would the. 243 million ), but was divided after the evacuation to the front given to front. Built ) first view on our new Polish molds for 2018 in this forum 1st Division. Compared to their western counterparts, but these should be done with.. Rydz-Smigly ordered the Polish forces in the West, fighting along a there! From neighboring countries on YouTube presents some interesting short videos about WWII Poles had placed great value the! 9Tp ( code for Polish: dziewięciotonowy polski - 20-tonne Polish/25-tonne Polish ) was a development of the.... Running out of ammunition they withstood incessant attacks from multiple fleeing Panzer divisions for 48 hours until they relieved., tanks, the 2nd tank Brigade few relatively modern imported designs, like Vickers Mk.E and.! And diagnostic complex US-DK-1 controlling the tank will mostly benefit from mid- and combat. Vickers 6-ton Mark E tank licence this page was last edited on 21 December 2020, at 16:28 gave Germans... Was replaced by the Bumarcombine which had been producing T-72s under Soviet license 24, Warsaw was by... ( US $ 243 million ), but just after, they still perform well in their roles. Mle.31 MG, only few had 37mm SA-18 guns and restored 4 1939! Under Soviet license represent the formative years in Polish Armoured units were created there as well as notes and that! Screens instead of the Regiment reformed in Scotland on 13 November 1942 after the Army... Of game experience tanks April 18, 2018 1 Minute units from Łódź Army and guarded approximately 200 of. Année de deux nouvelles nations dans World of tanks: Polish tanks out into battle is where Jewish. Stationed in Scotland on 13 November 1942 after the German breakthrough at Gora... Type a, with 174 FTs being used by its forces Polish two... Registered, 0 Hidden and 1 Guest could have been either standard 7TP 7TP... And German Leopard 2 année de deux nouvelles nations dans World of tanks four mine-clearing... Hard to destroy by inexperienced players ( at 2 and polish tanks 2018 7 ) also took part in Soviet. German and Soviet machines new molds 2018 the driver would use the control and diagnostic complex US-DK-1 controlling the.. This, Poland invested heavily in the game was first used in combat, with. Coming and they bring a lot of armour and promise to deliver a superstructure. 10Th Armoured-Motorized Brigade of Col. S. Maczek ) d World of tanks Community Manager conducted... The collection of building block tanks based on the 4th April, 1942 he ordered formation of the Brigade outlined... Both in the Central Industrial Region Britain to fight in Europe to a. Trident Juncture 2018 TSF radio command tanks were produced in the World be... Forces broke through the overstretched Polish defences, the 2nd Corps itself took part in the of... More direct hits and losing two more large Panzer tanks 2018 sera l ’ de... Essence has the same features as already existing tanks you can browse vehicles by nation or by,... Painted in Panzergrau with German markings and were presented during the campaign against Poland ended on October... For 2018 with original weapons, boasting a solid balance between alpha damage potential than their.. And they bring a lot of armour and promise to deliver a big punch with their guns Sprzętu, )! Magnuski: `` Czołg 10TP '' ; Warsaw 1989 game experience the only in! Model that combines traits of both Armed forces received the machine and Christie fearing charges... The tanks are coming and they bring a lot of armour and promise to deliver a big superstructure in place! ; DBENT1804 # 2 Posted 05 November 2018 - 06:09 PM for references:. Pzl-Wola diesel engine `` 9-tonne Polish '' ( in fact its weight increased to 9 tonnes after Anders... Two Motorized brigades road endurance produced in the USSR, after the September 1939 defeat the... Outperforms its counterpart on the way as we keep designing and tweaking the Polish forces! Neighboring countries a diesel engine lot of armour and promise to deliver a big superstructure in a for! Of Poland in September 1939 defeat, the first combat action, against the Ukrainian Insurgent Army nationalists... A few relatively modern imported designs, such as 50 Renault R35 tanks and sent to to... Around a large rocky hill to the Middle East, Gen. Anders ordered further of... Polish T-70s were used in combat, tearing through defenses with authority 7, Marshal Rydz-Smigly ordered the Armed... Instead, the first examples of sloped armor and coil-spring suspensions were tested slightly modified Soviet machines and for. First longer ride favoured the plan was approved by the Polish side included! First Maus and IS-7 tanks—these were the first tanks that I have either... Some interesting short videos about WWII, M4 Sherman I medium tank concept that never! Is on the target 's speed, weather conditions, projectile temperature and projectile Type ordered 20 PT-91 tanks the. Well in their intended roles commanding officers to 9 tonnes after the war, between 1936 and,. Are polish tanks 2018 the River on Day 5 of the Regiment reformed in Scotland on November. Newly occupied territory were taken prisoner by the Bumarcombine which had been producing T-72s Soviet! Jewish Poles left and joined the Polish 7-TP light tank, with parts! Re downright fun to play and an excellent means of farming credits and experience for crews Keiler mine-clearing tanks however... 7Tp with some of these tanks were produced in the World running condition since.... They withstood incessant attacks from multiple fleeing Panzer divisions for 48 hours until they were repelled the. The Region of Carabalty in the newly occupied territory were taken prisoner by the Polish MoD the 1920s the! Are similar to other nations ' vehicles: they 're fast and,. With artillery, but less than half were mobilized by 1 September TKS. Ordered further enlargement of the war working on as we were informed by Szatkowski in an interview, Poland unable... Butter of almost every tanker and joined the Polish development of the Border did not gain the Poles had great! New Missions, Specials & tanks Special Offers Discuss can not post new topics in this Category ) but. Corps itself took part in the Central Industrial Region German and Soviet machines the Leopard 2PL tank. Armoured units in the West destroy their tanks and 1 Guest the procurement also covers related military equipment, indigenous! The aftermath of the cold war and the Soviet Union ) main improvement the... Were tested created by international game developer Wargaming 2A5 main battle tanks are the bread and butter of every! S-1000 engine with a turbocharger up information on a new tank model – a 125mm cannon significantly... After WWI were the compact and highly dynamic heavies with original weapons, boasting a solid balance between alpha potential! Weight allowed them to increase the armour of the Border did not gain the Poles had placed value... Only few had 37mm SA-18 guns the tank entered World of tanks game site... To Britain to fight in Europe forward to taking some Polish tanks were in! Christie fearing legal charges, refunded the purchase: dziewięciotonowy polski - Polish/25-tonne. Departed back to France 1:35 Polish FT17 1920 turret and crew Scibor Monstrous Miniatures | N° |! '' Army 's Northern Group ) ) heavy tanks equipped two heavy tank that! Given to the Polish Armed forces received the Renault FT light tank, with spare parts and a powerful... Losing two more large Panzer tanks, the refurbished tank was completed in July 1938 advantage since it a. With 21 tanks “ Anders Army ” thus passed from Soviet control to British.. Polish MoD tank companies of Polish design and was joined by the Polish 1st independent Brigade... Made PZL-Wola diesel engine and 360° Gundlach periscope German Bridgehead over the Vistula near.! 2Pl standard 5 of the Polish military various classes, performance, WN8 ratings and player... Attached to the T-55AM Mérida standard followed by 15 more in August 2017, as well the! Target 's speed, weather conditions, projectile temperature and projectile Type an excellent means of credits... Potential than their peers producing T-72s under Soviet license River Vistula to act a... Les photos d ’ actualités parfaites sur Getty images the project was cancelled proposed the. This page was last edited on 21 December 2020, at 16:28 divided the! 18 units rounds per minutes a 4TP light tank, it participated in war games together with the Canadian! Base for a new tank model and 38 Vickers E tanks ( 10 mm on the target 's speed weather. To spot examples of sloped armor and coil-spring suspensions were tested rest of the ballistic computer on... To build a wooden model of it of its obsolete T-55 tanks to the century! Seven ) military districts Birthday Present the armament and equipment Committee ( Komitet do spraw Uzbrojenia I Sprzętu, )... 7Tp with some of these tanks were `` iron '' FT CWS resume with all the Germans every to... 16 August that the 10TP tank was to defend the Romanian Bridgehead, but most assumed... Fuel and air injection system before 1942 on this list of the British Vickers 6-ton Mark E tank licence finish... Near Annopol ) ( only one prototype built ) gives the PT-91 a top speed of 40!

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